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Pregnancy and Back Pain Category: Chiropractic

At least 50% of pregnant women will experience back pain1-4, with many suffering from severe discomfort that impacts their activities of daily living. Pregnancy-related back pain can be multi-factorial and rarely only has one cause.

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Sprains vs. Strains. What's the Difference Category: Chiropractic

Sprains tends be a stretch and/or tear of a ligament whereas a strain tends to be an injury to muscle and/or tendon (musculo-tendinous junction)

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Cycling and Chiropractic Care Category: Chiropractic

Cycling (Even Spin Class) is an excellent form of exercise with great health benefits but that means your body may also be experiencing some aches and pains and thus Chiropractic care is a great and effective way to improve your cycling experience.

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