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Will a custom orthotic device fit in all my shoes?

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One of the most common questions we get asked in our custom orthotics Victoria BC clinic is, ‘Will my orthotics fit in all my shoes?’

To answer this we say that most custom made orthoses fit easily into footwear that is built with removable footbeds. However dress shoes and shoes without a removable footbed may be more difficult to fit with orthotics.

It is important to note that with some painful foot conditions, proper footwear is an essential part of the treatment plan and some shoes may not be appropriate to wear during your recovery process. Wearing improper footwear can aggravate many conditions and delay the healing process. Your Pedorthist will likely recommend a supportive walking shoe, running shoe or boot to wear with your orthotics.  As your symptoms diminish you may be able to wear a slimmer orthotic that fits into a wider variety of dress shoes and sandals. It’s best to bring your most common shoes to your pedorthist and they can tell you whether they are appropriate for wearing with your orthoses.

To find out about whether your orthotics will fit Contact Dynamic Orthotics to set up a visit with one of their Canadian Certified Pedorthists.