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Balance and Postural Control

  • Do you feel unsteady while walking?
  • Do you need support of your loved ones to go around?
  • Have you had falls or have fear of falling?

Improve and Regain your balance with our supervised Balance and Postural Control Exercise Program!

Saturdays 10am - 11am at iHealth
Group exercise class - 10 people max

Price $25 per 1hr session
Initial Balance Assessment 1hr $120 For New Clients Only

To Register Call or Email info@ihealthgroup.ca

Supervised Classes with Physiotherapist Priti Jadiya and Dimple Gohil Kinesiologist

Private Yoga and Mat Pilates with Deena Redman

Yoga and Mat Pilates have both been hot topics in the health and wellness fields over the past decade. Both Yoga and Pilates range in similarities, such as: being low impact, mind-body connection, both having a strong focus on breath and alignment while staying inclusive and accessible. However, they do have their differences in the type of breath, pace, props, cues/emphasis on the core, repetition, layering techniques. The benefits of private sessions is that it can be appropriately optimized to you and your needs!

Call or Email to book your Private Yoga and Mat Pilates class!