Dr James McGowan


Dr. James has practiced in Victoria now for 11 years focusing on family wellness, athletics and spinal rehabilitation. Dr. James uses a variety of Spinal Adjusting techniques as not all spines are created equal and treatment plans are customized to each unique patient. Also, by utilizing and combining the fundamentals of conditioning, strength training and skill development, Dr. James' practice goal is to help influence positive change in people spinal function and performance to meet, and even exceed the demands of their daily lives. As an individual would train for a sport in order to be successful and injury free, so must one for the demands of daily life.
Dr. James is both an avid hockey and volleyball player who has competed on a national level, and now just for fun. Besides chiropractic and athletics, James really enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Marlene. His other interests include music, reading, and the great outdoors.