Zhi Qin (David) Lui


Zhiqin (David) was born and grew up in a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) family. His father Gansun Liu was one of the best traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in their home town. David learnt about many herbs and acupuncture techniques from his father over the years. One thing that inspired him was witnessing his father helping many patients. Some of them had tried various treatments in the hospitals and were told that the problems could not be solved before they came to acupuncture.

David immigrated to Canada with his family in 2001 and worked in different areas of business. However, he discovered his passion in traditional Chinese medicine and started his formal studies at Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology in 2012. In 2014, his wife was expecting their second son. A C-section surgery was proposed by the doctor because the baby was still in breech position at the end of the 38th week. David used his acupuncture knowledge and skills to help his son move into the right position to avoid the c-section.

After practicing here in Victoria and in Tonggu hospital in China, he started his own clinic named after his father in July 2016. David has helped many patients with their chronic and acute pain, such as stiff neck, frozen shoulder, sciatica, knee pain, and also treated constipation, depression, insomnia and other mental health issues.

David’s focus is to use acupuncture, acupressure and Tui Na (massage) to enhance and maintain the self-healing properties of the body.